Duration:       2 Days (09:00-16:00)


This course is intended to be used by students who would like to learn how to use the CorelDRAW graphics program. This course describes how to get started, use the basic tools, and apply it to various drawings. Step-by-step exercises leads the students through each topic .An end-of-section exercise and short question-answer questionnaire summate each section.


  • Any individual that would like to learn how to edit graphic images in CorelDRAW.

Pre-requisite to attend:

  • Good working knowledge of the Windows Operating System and proper IT skills.
No. Module High Level Topics
1 The CorelDRAW Interface ·         Get up and running easily

o    Welcome screen – tips and tricks

o    New welcome screen docking

o    Multiple document interfaces

o    Undocking documents

o    Guideline Docker

o    Alignment Guides

o    Using help topics-using the quick start guide

o    Using hints

·         Understanding Vector graphics and bitmaps(Raster)

·         Creating a new document/drawing

·         Undoing, repeating etc.

·         Zooming , panning , scrolling and view modes

·         Saving documents/drawings

2 CorelDRAW Workspace ·         CorelDRAW Workspace tour

o   Setting up a new document/drawing:

o   Adding, duplicating, renaming and deleting pages

o   Using the riles

o   Setting up guidelines

3 Working with objects ·         Setting objects

o   Coping duplicating and deleting objects

o   Positioning objects

o   Creating a boundary around selected objects

o   Using  object coordinates the draw ad modify objects

4 Drawing ·         Working with lines, outlines and brushstrokes

·         Formatting , lines and outlines

·         Drawing shapes

·         Shaping objects

o   Skewing and stretching objects

o   Smudging and smearing objects

o   Roughening objects

o   Smoothing objects

o   Cropping splitting and erasing objects

·         Shaping basics

5 Adding and manipulating text ·         Adding text

·         Selecting text

·         To edit and convert text

o   Shifting ,rotating , mirroring and flipping text

o   Wrapping text

o   Fitting text to path

o   Inserting special characters

·         Formatting text

·         Choosing typeface and fonts

·         Changing text colour

·         Kerning a range of Characters

·         Adjusting character and workspace

·         Adding bullets to text and adding drop caps

·         Changing character position and angle

·         Choosing fonts with Font playground

6 Working with fills and effects ·         Working with colour

·         Choosing colours

·         Filling objects

·         Applying fills to areas

·         Changing the transparency of objects

·         Applying merge modes

·         Creating drop shadows

·         Blending objects

7 Working with bitmaps/images ·         Converting vector graphics to bitmaps

·         Importing bitmaps/images

·         Appling special effects to bitmaps

·         Using the image adjustment lab

·         Changing the colour mode of bitmaps

·         Tracing bitmaps

·         Using the Cut-out lab CorelPhotoPaint

·         Creating Powerclip objects

8 Preparation of Print and Electronic artwork for final output ·         Various file formats for print and electronic use

·         Importing and exporting files

·         Exporting objects for the web/electronic use

o   Exporting bitmaps for the web

o   Exporting objects with transparent colour and backgrounds

·         Exporting documents as PDF

o   Preparing PDF files for printing